Driedherbsonline Trini Tea - Cleanse and detoxify thy blood

Trini Tea – blood cleanser, detoxification


Trini Tea – Cleanse and detoxify thy blood

Would you like a complete wellbeing tonic in one cup?

Do you worry about becoming seriously ill?

Do you know how important it is to keep our body clean and healthy?

Are you wanting to find easy ways to detox? 

Trini tea is a solution, as this tea is known for its antioxidant properties. 

This tea comes from an original formula from an 80 year old Native American Woman, from the Oijbwa tribe, which was given to a lady called Cassie, that helped her to heal her breast cancer. This tea then because known as Essiac Tea which is now a registered trademark, though at the time, Cassie (essiac backwards) never wanted to sell her tea, she gave it to patients in hospitals from her own pure desire to help others.



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