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Since being pregnant I have been having so much heartburn! But not anymore thanks to my amazing teacher @herbs.healing for bringing some pregnancy tea for me! I can not recommend it enough! If you are pregnant and experiencing heartburn get yourself some, it will be the best thing you do! Love and thanks #heartburn #reflux #herbalremedies #tea #naturalliving #pregnancy #pregnant #lowtoxpregnancy #nauturalhealing #naturalpregnancy Holistichealthwithemily

I am writing to say Thank You Louise Plant for creating such an amazing range herbal products. I feel like there is something for everything, when I look at your range. Since I have been drinking your Vitality Tea blend daily, for stress, and taking the Nutrimix Gut powder day and night, I feel sooo much better. All the edginess I was feeling has dissipated and I am sooo much more relaxed with a well-functioning belly =) I am also really enjoying your B-Tea which is keeping my hands and feet warm in this freezies winter weather. Thank you Mother of the Herbs, you are awesome!!! XOXOX

Hi Louise Just wanted to let you know that the Hyperthyroid tea I have been taking the last 4 months is really working. I drink 2 cups day  & now I have been able to reduce my medication to now only 1 tablet a day. I have had a hyperthyroid problem for 17 years & have taken medication to slow it down. My last blood test came back all within the normal range. With taking the tea & reducing sugar intake & eating more vegetables has helped. So I will keep you posted. Thank you so much

Your teas are amazing, i love them and so does she,  she is on the mend with her anxiety after her homeopath appointment on saturday and the tea is helping, thanks so much for asking 🙂 Kellie March 2012

Man came into the markets last week and wanted something to help sleep, I gave him the Lazi T, he came back this week and bought 2 more packets, he said he had tried all types of teas and nothing had worked as well as mine, I said of course!!

I would like to enquire how I could buy some of your Z Tea, I live in Perth close to Fremantle and I work in the CBD so I am wondering if there are any stores nearby that sell it? Thank you, your product has really helped my terrible sleeping pattern.

A delightful assortment to teas to suit all occasions. They are uplifting and re vitalising. They have a unique aroma, flavour and a delicious taste. The Puri T and the Z time Tea are my favourites. Who knew a detox tea could taste so yummy and a sleepy tea could send you off into such a deep restful slumber. Once you’ve has a cup you’ll simply want to try them all!

I  was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago and  since the year 2000 I lost my sight in my right eye. I also lacked a lot of mental and physical energy and could not keep my body temperature cool. I had aching legs and bad headaches especially over my right eye which watered constantly. I used to sleep about 6 hours during the day as I always felt tired and was not interested in life. Over the last few years I changed my medication several times with little results in regaining energy even though my symptoms had stabilized. I tried the Nutrative Power Blend in January 2006 and have been on this blend since then. Even though I took nutritional supplements before I noticed my energy levels increasing substantially when having the Nutrative power blend.  My body started to detoxify and I did feel worse for about one week when I started taking this powder. Then I started to feel much better within a period of about 1 month and my energy levels increased and I had less headaches. I could get up earlier in the morning and was not sleeping as much. I started to have more energy and as a result can look forward to more normality in…

I’m so impressed with the MOON TEA. It made my bloating go down in a significant way and nothing ever makes my bloating go down. So needless to say – I’m very happy!. I’ve tried many of Louise’s teas and love them all. I recommend them to everyone.

I have suffered from insomnia on and off all my life, being unable to fall asleep and when I did manage to, I would wake up every couple of hours during the night. Over the years I tried  various remedies to help me get a good nights sleep, without much success. That is until I started drinking a cup of “LUMINA TEA” a couple of hours before I went to bed. It worked FANTASTICALLY , I get a great nights deep sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Drinking Lumina Tea has retrained my body so I now have a much healthier sleeping pattern, when I am feeling really wired or over tired I have a cup and off to dreamland I go. Hamilton Hill

Hi I contacted you and purchased some of your Herb Robert just over 10 months ago. I had previously been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and had lost ½ of my left kidney removing the tumour. Prior to contacting you last year my surgeon had said that another growth was developing on my other Kidney and at some point we should consider further surgery and removal of another portion of Kidney. This is when I contacted you as I had read a newsletter you had produced discussing the benefits of this herb. I postponed the decision on further surgery and took the Herb Robert everyday for almost 10 months. My surgeon requested an MRI scan to re-evaluate the growth prior to seeing him this September. When I received the results I was informed that this growth had changed its characteristics and was now a simple benign cyst and no further intervention was required. I would like to thank you for all your assistance and information and I am grateful for the information you provided helping me take some control back of my condition.

I've worked with Louise and her hair analysis is spot on. Totally over delivered in detail of all areas in my life. Louise is knowledgeable in many health areas, I call her the plant lady. She is insanely over qualified as a lecturer, herbalist and more. There is a reason her last name is plant. She is a soul of the earth woman. Straight to the point  ?

As my herbalist lecturer at AIHM I learned from you that we can be intellectual as well as spiritual & I loved how you chase your dreams & goals work with passion & speak your truth no matter the out come xxxx

It is amazing!! I felt really shitty for one day and then boom... it is really great stuff. Even the heavy metal powder on my partner, his eyes are bright white and his skin is glowing I had an appointment booked for a hormone specialist that I paid $75 deposit to book and had to pay another $75 on the day, I canceled it and was happy to forfeit my deposit because of your magic powder fixed all my problems. Louise! After taking your herbs for ONE week I feel amazing!! All of my symptoms have gone and I feel a million bucks. Pretty sure I am also loosing weight. Thank you, l love what you do.

Louise is an absolutely fantastic teacher. I can speak on behalf of my whole class when I say this as she engages each and everyone one of us. She makes a rather dry subject (the botany part) enjoyable to learn. Louise is a wealth of knowledge and provides us an abundance of extra information on top of the course requirements. It makes it a lot easier to learn. She connects well with both a younger and older crowd with her witty sense of humour and the way she delivers content.

Dear Louise, since our chat, we have implemented a new routine at home and it is working wonders.... I had a chat with Adrian and we have agreed to have Olivia fed, bathed and in bed by 7pm 7:30 pm at the very latest. With this happening, our home is happier now. Olivia is sleeping thorugh the night, most of the time. We both read to her and she is happy with this arrangement. We are getting time with each other to discuss our day and what each of us has in our timetable/diary for the next day. Thanks so much for this gem you shared with me. It has made a big difference in our family and our home.

I received a healing from Louise last week as I wanted support in clearing some internal rage.  Anger has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, an emotion I was constantly exposed to through my childhood, which eventually became my reaction too.  I have worked on this internal anger in other ways over the years, this was my first healing session from Louise. What I noticed immediately was how safe I felt with her.  Louise says it like it is, whilst at the same time making me feel safe and protected so that my body would open and release these feelings, and create space within myself to receive love and new experiences.. My body felt loved, nurtured and safe throughout this process, and for sometime after the healing, I lay on the treatment table bathing in all this goodness.  I noticed that the rage had cleared and inside I felt peaceful, more accepting and much more loving.  This feeling has stayed with me.  What I also noticed is how my body has opened since this healing.  My husband has not been able to touch parts of my body due to my reaction, it would…

Thanks Lou.  Six months after a really bad foot injury and surgery, this is my first week walking (albeit in a moon boot) I have been in a lot of pain and unable to do my job as a midwife. After listening to you this morning...wake up call Janice...listen to your body. Be patient. For the first time in months, I actually feel grateful that my body is able to heal. It is so good to hear you speak. I loved you as a teacher when I was studying herbal medicine about 15 years ago! Stay warm. Have a gentle day. <3 J

You're an inspiration to many Louise x


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Testimonial Feb 2015 Louise provided me with herbal consults over 5 years ago assisting with pre-conception care and a parasitic cleanse. Louise has a vast knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine and a practical approach to detoxification that was easy to follow and effective. Within a short time I was free from parasites and had a healthy baby. More recently I looked Louise up on the other side of the country knowing she can assist with fertility issues and with the confidence of success having helped me once before. I would highly recommend Louise Plant for guidance on a holistic approach to resolving health issues and staying well. Client-Perth

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I was coming down with a cold, so decided to try out the cold and flu tea, within the first day i was feeling much better and within 2 days the cold had completely gone, it was fantastic, it will definitely be my cold remedy and i have been recommending it since to my family and friends who also think its fabulous.

Jack Andrson

Stylish Manager
Hi Louise Thanks so much for adding me to your mailing list for your newsletter.  It has also prompted me to write and tell you how much I love your therapeutic herbal teas.  I have tried four of them so far, the Puri T for detox, Chiron Tea for colds and flus, Vega Tea for the urinary system and the antioxidant, Sirus Tea.  The thing that has amazed me with each and every one is the fantastic flavour you have managed to achieve in their creation. Of the many herbs I have tried to date, I believe that these will have the most success when it comes to patient compliance in my own practice because they are so easy to drink.  Thank you for having the passion to create such fantastic products, which not only taste good but are also excellent value for money and affordable for everyone.