Superherb Powders

Superherb blends, of highly nutritious herbs and superfoods at affordable prices.

These powders are blended and powdered herbs and superfoods that are high in nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants. They serve many functions to heal, tone and boost functioning.

These superherb powders are formulated foods that act superior to any vitamin or mineral supplement as they know where to directly target in the body, they are organic wholefood based and what the body does not need is easily excreted.

They can be added to smoothies, added to your water bottle or put in a little water and drunk as they are. As they are herb powders they will not dissolve.
Our most popular blends include the Nendo Powder which is used to tone the glandular and nervous system as well as providing energy, the Bowel Tone which heal gut linings and mucous membrane integrity and the Nutrimix power blend which is complete multivitamin and mineral blend that tones digestion and boosts immunity.

These powders can be used as part of a cleanse regime, to boost energy, to lift the spirits, to reduce the incidence of sickness or just because they make you feel great. I have used the Nutrimix Power, blend twice in a cleanse to successfully remove my mucoid plague.

Our liver cleanse comes highly recommended and the so does the bowel purge to be used in combination with any detox program.

These superherb blends are easily affordable and of great value. Whenever I feel like I am lacking in nutrients or my energy starts to go flat I just take some of my supergreen mixes and I soon find my clarity, energy levels and motivation is easily increased.

If I feel skin irritations of digestive discomfort then the Bowel Tone is my first line of defence.

If you feel you would find it hard to take a teaspoon of powdered herbs and drink in water, contact us to ask about putting the powders in capsules. We are happy to do this for you at an extra cost or we can point you into the easiest way we believe to do this.