Heavenly Teas - Dried Herbs Online

These are our Tea Tins.

All our favourite teas were put together and bagged into little black tins to enhance the freshness of your herb teas.

Refills and bulk refills are available. We like to do our bit for the environment and we hope you come back for your refills or you find a good use for your handy black tin. This is an overview of our Heavenly Teas.



• Agili Tea – If it’s hot and painful inflammation is here.
• Clari Tea – Bringing clarity by improving brain blood flow and aiding memory
• Lazi Tea – To relax and sedate you to peaceful slumber
• Liber Tea – Loving and toning the liver for cleansing and purifying
• Puri Tea – A gustatory delight that will detoxify and cleanse the entire body
• Quali Tea – A antioxidant dream that could be mistaken for caffeine
• Sereni Tea – Supporting the fearful kidneys with nuturing and support
• Simplici Tea – The wholesome tonic and support for digestive functioning
• Tranquili Tea – Relax and let go, it’s time to reduce the stress signs
• Trini Tea – Cleanse and detoxify thy blood
• Twinkl Tea – Time to tone the heart and bring in the joy
• Vitali Tea – For those just burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed